How to get more attention as a cam girl from guys?

This is an excellent question. The same way you get attention in everyday life. Make your presence noticeable and time/money worthy for the guys. Not everyone can do this. Some girls play raw sexuality card, some play random fetishes card, and all of these work in certain groups of people visiting webcam sites. But are also very limited.

In my opinion the successful cam girls are the ones who are letting the potential customers pick them out from the masses of semi naked broads with too much makeup and random fetish filled queens waiting for someone to punish them. No, don’t do that if you don’t have it in you.

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Connect with guys watching your live cam

The basic principle of webcam sites is the connection between two people. Don’t be afraid to connect with the guys with whom you’re chatting. Talk to them, ask them questions, make yourself interested in what they have to say, and also what they want. After all this is what keeps the industry going.

Pick that sweet spot of webcam shows and be open to give pleasure because you’ll surely receive it when you see some random dude get hard on you. Don’t make a fuss about trying out some new things and experiment whenever you can. Experimenting will allow you to find the best ways to get people horny and join private sex chat willingly, without even asking them if they would love to go private with you. Guys will hint about that and that is your goal.

Granted, if you work private chat some guys will try to get started right away, some will want to chat with you about random aspects of their loves. The boundaries here are almost nonexistent. Don’t forget that because this will serve you pretty well in the future. This is business, and like any other you’ll have to play it dirty from time to time. In this case literally dirty.

In the beginning it’s enough to blow a couple’s guys minds and leave it to them to do your marketing. The good word will spread and soon enough you’ll have your own army of fired up guys lining up to chat with you.

Looks are important

The most crucial part of getting attention is the way you present yourself. Establish your own brand. Like I mentioned before for some it’s the whips and various toys at their disposal. For some it’s cute next-door chick with perky personality and even perkier bodies.

Feel free to experiment and develop yourself with the pace of this insanely fast growing markets of webcam chat industry. And don’t be afraid to be ruthless, someone will for sure try to seduce them and make them leave you. And remember, smile never did any harm. Good luck!