How to forget the girl you love

Probably, all have unpleasant moments in life. And one of such tests – parting with the girlfriend. It can happen for various reasons, and the most important how you will treat such life situation. And, respectively, you will endure it.

If you left the girl and decided to forget her, then has to remember several very important things which will help you to make it.

Let’s begin

Before we analyze point by point as well as that to do to you, I want to tell a little theory.

Each person is born absolutely happy, and emotionally independent of anyone. Only in process of growing he acquires various stereotypes, morals which are imposed to him by society. And such alien reality becomes natural to him. So there lives most of people.

For example, there is such expression: I want to find the soulmate. Such statement of a thought will lead to further suffering of the person. Here’s the thing. Each individual is by default capable to be happy in itself. If he is unfortunate, then thinks that he will find this feeling in someone another. Meets the girl, and he is covered by love, it seems to him that here it, this feeling. But love passes, and the essence is again shown in all beauty.

The guy begins to suffer

sad man

What do I mean? Yes, to the fact that you have to feel the full value in life without someone’s presence and stimulation. And only then, having found the ladylove, you will not look for yourself in her. And if so, it happens that you will leave, then you will remain the same internally happy and harmonious person.

How to forget the girlfriend forever – the instruction

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  • #1 Accept the fact of parting. Do not resist internally it. Release this negative feeling. Though it will not leave at once anywhere, but, having realized it, you will feel easier at once.
  • #2 Meet new girls online at first. This will open your eyes and you will see that there are other girls and even better looking. Start flirting with online cam girls so you can have fun and meet new hotties without any strings attached. Doing it online is way cheaper and chat room is always available.
  • #3 Besides the girl, you have to have an occupation in life. Favorite work, study, abrupt hobby. What you find a considerable part of time for. Your world does not come down on the unique girl. Therefore, try to be engaged with the business, it will distract, and besides, you will quicker achieve results in the sphere.
  • #4 Get acquainted with 10 girls. Meet new girls, go out with them on dates. It is clear, that it is difficult for you to forget the darling and you it pulls on a bottom. Fir-trees you will give in to this feeling and will stay idle, it will become much worse. Show will power and begin to communicate with new girls. The theirs is more, the better as from many options you will be able to find pretty fast that with which it will be interesting to you.
  • #5 do not try to come with her for contact and do not look for a meeting. Such actions will return you in unpleasant and heavy experiences again and again. It is similar already to masochism). If you left – means, left. Also, there is nothing to doubt here and to chew snivels.
  • #6 Stop thinking about the situation which remind you of her. Quite often come a to memories, connected with any situation in which you appeared together. For example, trip to the sea or still some high points. They cause nostalgia, you unconsciously want to repeat these moments again. Such minutes switch the thoughts to other subjects at once.
  • #7 Remove on the distant shelf or in general emission of a thing which remind of former. From the same opera, as the previous point.
  • #8 Indulge yourself. Buy something that long ago planned. I, for example, somehow after parting with the girl bought new phone. It caused positive emotions which did not allow too long.
  • #9 Go to a travel. If your schedule and finance allow, then buy the plane ticket or the train and for a certain time change scenery. It will very strongly distract. Especially, on travel you take a detached view of the life kind of and can objectively assess a situation. Not without reason on trips the inspiration and the new ideas in respect of business, creativity and, in general, the future often comes.


So, ways to forget the girl are enough. And the most important – you have to make accurately for yourself the decision to make it. Not to give in to weaknesses in the form of memoirs, everything to return desires, and further doubts.

And still – to realize that irreplaceable people are not. And in your city of 100% there is a girl whom you do not know yet and who is much better than your ex. It is necessary to work in this direction. The best of luck!

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Meeting top looking model girls

Meeting top looking model girls

Picking up hot girl models on live cams and in real life is pretty scary for most guys. To meet such girls, you have to be the real alpha male.
On the other hand, if it is necessary to alternate to so-so status girls constantly establishment of a rapport and attraction and thus constantly to calibrate reaction, with models and other highly status girls everything is easier. All of them time are adjusted on search of the real man, and with them very seldom (almost never) it is required to build a rapport. They almost always need “dark” emotions which they take for force. And, having learned to be such man, you should not guess her subconscious desires all the time.


“How to get introduced and meet with model” – a question which statement initially means that you know about its kind of activity. But happens also such that you learn about it only during acquaintance.

In this case inexperienced online pickuper become weak as if never and were not pickuper. In a voice there is a nervousness, and all other manifestations of a nonverbal show that it is ready to give a hand on cutting off if only to oversleep with it. The best reaction when the girl tells you that it is model – to pretend that to you all the same. As if she told that worked as the waitress earlier.

I will consider in more detail that case when you already know about this occupation. And also I will tell about the principles of acquaintance to models which approach both the first case, and the second.


If you want to get acquainted with models and to tempt them, has to possess the following qualities: confidence, moral force, courage, readiness to go for the conflict if the person is not right, and the rigid vital principles which nobody has to break.

It qualities of the real man or, in a different way, alpha male. But guys sometimes confuse concepts and attribute an alpha such qualities, as: unreasonable aggression, desire to humiliate someone and at the expense of it to tower, unwillingness to recognize the wrongfulness. These qualities it is inherent in diffident men, and models will never meet with such (if, of course, they correctly adjusted” vital reference points).

Qualities of the real alpha male is that surely in you has to be. If you do not want to guess constantly how to get acquainted with model, and want specific result on a constant basis, these qualities need to be developed in themselves.

Acquaintance to model directly does you rather vulnerable because you will be surely checked. She will want to be convinced that you real an alpha and therefore will throw to you such checks from which at the normal guy hair will bristle. And the wrong reaction to check instantly will spoil everything.

Therefore, it is better to get acquainted and begin active communication with that person who often contacts to it. This you will ensure some contacts with the girl (both within one hour, and on a long interval of time).

When in your company there is desired you a model, communicate with it so as if you do not know that it is model. Conduct communication, as with her acquaintance, and directly with it. The girl will evaluate you also on your social skills.

Behave so as if you already had a girl model. Give it a mental message that you got used to communicate with very beautiful and status girls therefore not to surprise you with one beauty. And let it shows you the qualities. By the way, it is that case when the compliment can play to you plus. It should not be addressed to her appearance at all. For example, she told you some story where showed one of useful qualities. In this case you can tell it: “Did not think that you so will arrive. I at first had doubts into the account you, but now I was convinced that you are the good girl”. It is not obligatory to use this phrase. Think up the. The main thing to show it that you at first watchfully treated it and after it showed the quality, understood that in vain were afraid.

Getting phone number from such girls is not that simple, you have to understand that the model, as well as any status girl, values the time, and will not meet “whom got”. Therefore, you have to show, first, the qualities, and, secondly, create the value of your meeting. Let it will be that place which will be interesting to it.

Main mistake of guys: they are afraid that the girl will reject them, and start thinking out some “super” places for dates. When it asks a question of that, why do you want her number, it is impossible that your nonverbal actions showed desire to surprise or justify. Surely tell her that you want to descend with her in any of the places which are thought up by you. It will be healthy if about this place you managed to talk to the girl.

As you see, to get acquainted with model not so difficult as can seem at first sight. Main thing: not to think that she is very special and not to rejoice when she shows to you a little interest. In other words do not treat her like a celebrity. Show that you are an alpha, and then it will be yours.

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